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Merlin's Round Table Tournament


Necromancer Leveling Guide
Tournament Bracket
Merlin's Hall of Champions
Merlin's Hall of Champions

This is where the winners of their respective tournaments are noted. Grats to everyone who made it here.

January 25, 2003 Winners

Levels 1-10
Winner: Vrathlocker, Necro (only 1-10 entry =)
Levels 11-20
Winner: Ouroboros, Friar
Runner-Up: Robmancer, Necro
Honorable Mention: Sightof, Necro
Levels 21-30
Winner: Tarcyn, Paladin
Runner-Up: Setzerx
Levels 31-40
Winner: Gwand, Necro
Runner-Up: Mafiasco (me =), Cleric
Honorable Mention: Fadedspirit, Necro
Levels 41-50
Winner: Bruder, Friar
Runner-Up: Vhon, S/S Armsman
Honorable Mention: Bolvangar, Polearmsman

February 8, 2003 Winners:
Levels 21-30
Winner: Ionnn, Cabalist
Runner-Up: Donnatello, Friar
Honorable Mention: Vaon, Mercenary
Levels 31-40
Winner: Malique, S/S Armsman
Runner-Up: Coniah, Paladin
Honorable Mention: Ionnss, Necro
Levels 41-50
Winner: Daserack, Friar
Runner-Up: Tanilia, Sorc
Honorable Mention: Shansar, Infiltrator