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Merlin's Round Table Tournament
Necromancer Leveling Guide
Tournament Bracket
Merlin's Hall of Champions

Welcome graphic

     The third competition for this tournament is coming up:::
Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 8pm EST
   Check-In is 7-7:45pm EST on the same day.
The Castle Sauvage Tower (just south of CS, in sight of it too. can't miss it. this is also a commom meeting place for raids.)
Who runs this?:
Talk to me, Mafiasgrim, for both the check-in and for the chatgroup. I will be starting the chatgroup, so please do not try to start your own ;).
Who can join?:
Unfortunately, only people level 31-50 can participate in this tournament. We had to change the policy from all levels to high levels because not enough lower level duelers were coming to the tournament, so the ones that DID come often got very weak prize money, sometimes only three or four times the entry fee.
     Anyone who is not IN THE CHATGROUP or has messaged me with intentions to be there beforehand (if they have to go somewhere during the check-in time) is not allowed in the tournament. Also, anyone who has to leave and cannot return before their match is disqualified, so plan ahead. Thx =).
     All entry fees will be paid at check-in time, and I will check you in as the fees are paid. I will know who paid because I will have a list of names in front of me, so please do not try to cheat =). Also, there are NO consolation prizes. It's winner take all ;).
     There WILL be an online post of the winners and runner ups in the tournament so there is SOMETHING that 2nd place can get ;).

     Also, in the beginning rounds similar or duplicate classes will be matched together so that it is fair and so that the best person from each class is in the final few rounds, as opposed to a bunch of stealthers.

     In addition, please be respectful and courteous of all other Tournament members. Do not taunt them or make fun of them after you win, or claim they had cheated after you lost. Remember that DAoC, no matter how fun and addictive it is, is still a game, and games are meant to be enjoyed =).

          NEW RULE: Engage is no longer allowed in the tourney. This skill resulted in 30-minute-long duels or longer and was no fun to the spectators. It was also no fun to the person who was dueling but not Engaging.

     Finally, I would like to keep the confusion to a minimum, so please try to keep the recreational duels to a minimum or bring them outside of the official dueling area if you want to duel for fun.

     Thank you all for reading this bunch of junk, and I will see you on Saturday =D.


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Entry Fees

The entry fees are meant to be very small and insignificant for the highest level of the bracket. This means that the prices are small for, say, a level 40, though they may not be so for a level 31. Here's how it lays out:
31-40 Division Entry Fee = 20 Gold
41-50 Division Entry Fee = 50 Gold

Prize Money

The prize money is different for each division, but it will be very large compared to the money that is paid to enter. Right now, it goes down like this:
31-40 Division Prize = 400 Gold
41-50 Division Prize = 1000 Gold
Note: Prices will be lowered if there are not enough people in the division to justfy the prize money (or raised if the opposite happens, so bring friends!).