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Necromancer Leveling Guide
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Necromancer Leveling Guide

Necromancer's Soloing Guide

Guide by Mafiasgrim (also Mafiasco), Leader of Legion of the Crypt, Albion, Merlin
     Please note that while this guide says it is for Necromancers, it can still serve as a guide for all other classes (especially those that do Spirit damage). It is simply called a Necromancer guide because it is a place where there are fast, steady spawns of blues, yelos, and oranges. I try to pick places that have plentyful supplies of undead so that Necromancers do more damage and so that they can steadily pull without having "downtime" by waiting for spawns.
     Also, this guide is meant for a Deathsight Necromancer. It will work fine for a Deathservent Necromancer, as long as they stick to blues, but a Painworking Necromancer will find that these places are not as great for them. It is COMPLETELY possible for a Painworking Necro to solo in these places, though I would reccomend that they find a "What to Hunt" a few levels lower than them so they can mass-kill greens.
     Finally, this guide uses /loc to show where to find certain mobs. This description was taken from the Dark Age of Camelot Atlas::
"When you type /loc, you get a message that says something like In Malmohus: loc=21444,53878,2824 dir=214 .
The first part's easy. It tells you the name of the zone you're in.
The second part - the three loc numbers - is exactly where you are in the zone. The first number is how far east you are. The very westernmost point in the zone is 0. As you go farther east, the first number gets larger. The very easternmost part of the zone is around 63,000. The second number is how far south you are. The top of the map is 0, and the second number gets larger the farther south you go. The very southernmost part of the zone is also around 63,000. The third number is how high you are. In general you can ignore this number.
The third part - dir stands for direction, by the way - lets you know what direction you are facing. It works like a 360-degree circle."
That should explain /loc better than anything I can do, though I would like to mention that you can hit shift+c to bring up a compass, which is much easier to use that turning in circles doing /loc until your direction is right.

Level of Necro

What to Hunt
Hit things around Caer Gothwaite
Undead Filidhs/ Druids
Malevolent Disciples/ Favonius Facilis Room
Road to the Roman Villa/ Roman Villa Guards
Haunted Appletrees/ Gray Ghosts
Catacombs Entrance (above ground)
Danoian Clerks
Blues at Caer Caddug (they can BAF) or
Lammia Huntresses/Blue Elements or
Outerward of Krondon (they call for help) or Barrows
Barrows= Vigilant Souls, Megalith Wight room or
Lyonesse= Footmen, Pikemen, Guardsmen, Knights, moorliches, bean-nighes or
Avalon City entrance (inside)

Where is this?
Just outside the keep you start in
Camelot Hills: /loc 53k 48k on a hill
Camelot Hills: /loc 55k 40k is Mithra, they are inside
Cornwall: /loc 54k 51k for the Roman Villa
Avalon Isle: /loc 58k 56k to be between the Ghosts & the Trees
Cornwall: /loc 31k 51k, hunt the guards outside
Lyonesse: /loc 52k 45k
Lyonesse: /loc 45k 12k
Avalon Isle: /loc 50k 20k for Caer Caddug
Lyonesse: /loc 55k 11k for Peallaidhs
Aldland: /loc 35k 25k for Lammias/Blue Elements
Aldland: /loc 25k 7k for Krondon
Salisbury Plains: /loc 37k 37k for Barrows, go inside
Lyonesse: /loc 32k 43k for footmen, guardsmen, knights, pikemen
Lyonesse: /loc 44k 32k for moorliches
Lyonesse: /loc 14k 48k for bean-nighes
Salisbury Plains: /loc 37k 37k for Barrows, wights/souls are inside

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